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About DJ Cruize

Jaime R. Cruz, better known as DJ Cruize, (DJ, producer, music engineer, graphic designer, web-sites designer, and radio engineer) Jaime was born and raised in Harlem NY in the Heart of culture and music. Where many of our Latin artists came to start their career in the music field, as a Latino, surrounded by many trends of culture is where Jaime opens his heart to music. At the age of 16, he played for his friends and family at simple house parties. He also enjoyed watching other DJs rock out. Jaime grew up around some legendary DJ’s like Charlie Chase from the Cold Crush Brothers, Oscar Rodriguez Jr. known as Master O.C. from the group The Fearless Four, they were just ones of his idol in this field. However, a special person that put a spark to his ideas in the d-jay field was his mentor Ronald L. Lewis is known as DJ Ron Love, he was the one that gave Cruize his first steps in the DJ world. As he expanded, with his good friends Claude Thomas and Freddy Baez Marte, they promoted, a club called the Waterfront in Harlem at the age of 22, where his passion for being the best of the best started to move in the paths of his dreams. This was just one of the openings of Cruize’s career. He moved on to a female exotic dancer club call the Icebox in Harlem where he was there for 2 years, as his careers took form, Cruize did many popular NYC clubs at that time – Copacabana, Latin Quarters, Roseland, and many more where it opens to his unique style of d-jay. Worked as a DJ at 103.5 KTU Radio station for 7 years, during this time many clubs in the Bronx were amazed by his style and many gigs came his way. One that made a difference was the Black Thorn and Riddlers Lounge this was the climax of his career, and where he met his partner Anthony Fuentes is known as DJ Taz. As Cruize style and name was known in the Bronx, clubs open their doors to his talent like Johnny O’S, Mi Gente Café, Side Streets, Coconuts, Gallery Lounge, Sports Bar, Café Sueños, Jimmy BX Café, the Players Club, Game Day and many more. As the Bronx opens their doors, the other boroughs did the same. In wanting to share the style of “Cruize”, Manhattan: Cheetah Lounge, Club Masa, Lemon Tree in Queens invited him to play. Cruize also played out-of-state every Thursday. “Washington DC” was one of his goals, so shared the stage at the Republic Garden with one of the engineers of Hot 97, Chris in the Mix Mercado with the promotion of Moro Magazine. In large as a producer, he took a new vision in his d-Jay career, mixing and creating different samples for the group Rumba Brava of Puerto Rico, a Salsa Professional Dance Kid Company. Taking the first-place prize with his Mix Bash “El Cantante” a salsa dance creative with this mix and winning at the Salsa Congress held at San Juan, Puerto Rico. He continues working with dance partners for that company he has created different mixed bash of salsa for their different competition. Getting back great feedback and high lights on his mixes, bash that has competitors and judges on their toes. Cruize continue in the expansion of his career where he engineers the Official Crowd Movers Radio and was part of the DJ Team where his knowledge of technology in this field became a new phrase for him. But Cruize wanted more, his partner of many years Anthony Fuentes “DJ Taz” put together Mixxx Kingz Radio in Mount Vernon NY, giving Dj ‘s and internet radio a unique style of classic and new music. Designing websites, flyers, and putting together radio studios became part of his career. Cruize has put his heart soul in his dream and has come a long way, he continues to DJ in many of the local spots and parties that many loves to attend just to hear him play. As he continues with Mixxx Kings Radio later was renamed the radio station to IntheMixxRadio and DJ Taz and Cruize by a business decision decided to end their partnership. Dj Taz continues working while Cruize expanded IntheMixxRadio. He moved to Yonkers, New York. This moved expanded his station to not only having a broadcast room but a waiting room and an office, which provided the best for each of his shows and clients. live chat, 2 hotlines, and visual with green screen, Cruize created the Inthemixx Radio app as well as the Dj Cruize Apps. Every Friday and Saturday Cruize continued working at Sapatos Sports Bar in the Bronx NY for the past two years sharing his talents, continuing to look for modern technology for the studio. IntheMixx is the latest in technology and the best standing Internet radio station in Yonkers. In 2019 Cruize started hitting the stage becoming the official DJ for the Pop/R&B/Freestyle singer and actress Lisa Lisa. DJ Cruize will be always thankful to his family and friends that have supported him in his career and making the dream come true!  “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”

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